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Yoga Shorts for Women (Wide Waistband)

Yoga Shorts for Women (Wide Waistband)

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Yoga Shorts for Women Wide Waist Band

  • Improving your Downward-Facing Dog is tough enough without having to think about your clothes. The right yoga shorts can make all the difference.
  • Breathable, flexible, and comfortable, our 92/8 cotton/Spandex yoga shorts are the perfect choice for exercise class, or to wear all day long.
  • Perfect for the studio, our wide waist yoga shorts provide full coverage in the rear and stay put so you never lose your concentration.
  • Our stretchy yoga shorts fit every figure type.
  • Our yoga shorts won’t bind, chafe, itch, or sag, allowing you to give your full attention to your practice, or whatever you’re busy doing.
  • Depending on the type of yoga you practice, you may sweat a lot, making breathability and moisture-wicking properties extra important. Our yoga shorts keep you in the comfort zone.
  • Yoga shorts are a workout wardrobe staple. We also carry yoga pants.
  • Because flexibility is extremely important when doing yoga, you need clothes that can handle lunges, rolls, binds and other bendy moves. Our yoga shorts deliver on stretchability.
  • You may find your practice actually improves with the right clothes.
  • Our wide waist yoga shorts won’t pinch or roll you anywhere.
  • You don’t need to be a yogi to sport yoga shorts. They’re great to own for plenty of other reasons.
  • Yoga shorts are supremely versatile, and coordinate perfectly with a tee shirt, tank top, or just a sports bra. They’re also perfect to wear under a skirt.
  • Yoga shorts work with the same things you’d wear with leggings, essentially everything that falls into the casualwear category.
  • Yoga shorts are ideal for every day wear in warm weather. Chase the kids around, take Fido for a stroll, do chores; yoga shorts help you get stuff done.
  • When it’s too hot for leggings, yoga shorts are your go-to.
  • Our yoga shorts are super easy to care for: just toss them in the machine with the rest of your laundry.
  • Stretchy yoga shorts can be your best friend if you went a little crazy at lunch. They’ll let your tummy relax and digest, and won’t dig into your flesh like jean shorts.
  • Likewise for new moms who’ve had a C-section or anyone who’s had abdominal surgery, yoga shorts provide coverage but won’t irritate the area.
  • Soft, comfy yoga shorts are a dream to sleep in.
  • While a lot of shorts can reveal too much, our yoga shorts provide extra coverage in the thigh. The premium quality fabric won’t put your undies on display either.
  • Yoga shorts save you time and brain space. No buttons, no zips, just pull them on and go.
  • Size options range from small to extra-large so you get a perfect fit.
  • Our yoga shorts are made to last. They hold up through many washes and wears, an important consideration when we all want to do our part to reduce waste.
  • Our yoga shorts not only look and feel great, they’re also budget-friendly. Available singly or save even more with an economical 3-pack.
  • Classic color choices include black, dark grey, light grey navy blue, burgundy and white, something to go with everything in your wardrobe.
  • Experience a new level of comfort with our yoga shorts!
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