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Warm Skinny Sweatpants for Women (Faux Fur Lined)

Warm Skinny Sweatpants for Women (Faux Fur Lined)

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Warm Skinny Sweatpants for Women (Faux Fur Lined) 

  • Forget jeans and khakis; skinny sweatpants are where it’s at. Sleek and svelte, our faux fur lined sweats are a cold weather staple.
  • When the cold wind blows, you can’t beat lined skinny sweatpants for all your day-to-day activities.
  • Flattering and incredibly cozy, our faux fur lined skinny sweats pair perfectly with all casual clothes, including t-shirts, hoodies, Uggs, and sneakers, as well as dressier options like stylish sweaters and cardigans, overcoats, and heeled boots.
  • One of the highest compliments you can pay to clothing is that you forget you’re wearing it. The wide waistband stays put and won’t roll; ditto for the legs that don’t ride up.
  • Designed to wear every day that you need a little extra warmth, skinny sweatpants will become your go-to every single day in winter.
  • If you’re like most people, you’re busy. You don’t have time to waste on changing outfits all day long. Save time and brain space by pulling on your stylish skinny sweatpants and you’re ready to tackle the day.
  • Free of cumbersome extras like zippers and buttons that might otherwise slow you down, skinny sweatpants are the pants of choice for all the busy moms out there.
  • Skinny sweats make your legs look slimmer, and their stretchiness can inspire you to get more movement into your day.
  • Unlike trousers, jeans, and other pants that don’t stretch, skinny sweats won’t squish your tummy or other sensitive spots.
  • Do chores around the house, chase the kids and pets, or just relax in your skinny sweats. They’re designed to help you get through your day with ease.
  • Skinny sweats are perfect for travel. No more shivering on the plane. For packing, they fold down to nearly nothing and they don’t show wrinkles either.
  • When you go with skinny sweats, there’s no need to have your pants tailored or hemmed. The relaxed style and banded cuff means you can wear them however you like.
  • No more butt burn or irritation from rough, scratchy fabrics. Our fur lined sweats treat your skin right.
  • The cozy 90/10 poly/Spandex fabric is super soft and stretchy, and also incredibly easy to care for: just toss them in the wash with the rest of your clothes.
  • Our sweats are durable and will look great through many washes and wears.
  • Skinny sweatpants are designed for all different kinds of activities, including sleeping. Shiver no more in your bed when you wear skinny sweats for pjs.
  • Size options are small, medium, and large for just the right fit.
  • Color choices include neutrals like black and beige but also bold, fashion-forward options like royal blue, red, and so you can make any fashion statement you’d like.
  • Our skinny sweatpants are budget-friendly. Save even more when you buy a 3-pack!
  • A versatile option no matter what you do, all women need at least one pair of skinny sweatpants in their closet.


Our Skinny Sweatpants are great to use for:


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Weight Lifting
Skinny Sweatpants for Yoga / Meditation
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Skinny Sweatpants for Conditioning
Skinny Sweatpants for Running
Skinny Sweatpants for Cycling
Skinny Hiking Sweatpants
Skinny Walking Sweatpants
Skinny Ice Skating Sweatpants
Ice Skating
Skinny Skiing Sweatpants
Skinny Snowboarding Sweatpants


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