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Pajama Pants for Men

Pajama Pants for Men

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Pajama Pants for Men

  • Pajama pants let you relax and unwind, just what you need after a long, hard day.
  • For a good night’s sleep and lazy mornings, pajama pants are the leg covering of choice.
  • Our knit pj pants are like your favorite t-shirt for your legs.
  • Sleep is an important component of health. Forget the ratty old sweatpants and treat yourself to some comfy, cozy pajama pants.
  • Soft and breathable, our pajama pants won’t bunch up around your legs.
  • Even if you don’t care about what look like when you sleep, your overnight guests might.
  • Don’t embarrass yourself in front of the ladies at a movie night. Ditch the baggy sweats for sophisticated pajama pants.
  • Comfy, stylish pj pants let you make the most of a casual evening in and breakfast in bed.
  • Wear your pajama pants with a t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie. They can even be worn solo if that’s your mood.
  • The 60/40 cotton/polyester fabric keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter to help ensure that you get quality rest.
  • Our pajama pants are soft, cozy, and comfy. They won’t pinch or compress you anywhere.
  • The straight leg lets air flow, and helps to keep you at exactly the right temperature.
  • Soft, stretchy pajama pants let your skin breathe and wick away moisture so you don’t feel sweaty. They’re made for sleeping but they’re also ideal for other relaxing activities.
  • Our pajama pants were made for comfort. No button flys to worry about.
  • The elastic drawstring waistband makes fit a snap.
  • Pajama pants can improve your entire life. When you get quality sleep, you feel refreshed and ready to tackle anything the day throws at you.
  • If push comes to shove and you’re in a real hurry, our pajama pants can pass for joggers.
  • They even have handy pockets to carry your essentials, like your phone, keys, and wallet.
  • Our pajama pants are machine washable and durable. They hold up wash after wash, wear after wear.
  • Colors options include black, dark grey, light grey, and navy to coordinate with any pj top in your closet.
  • Sizes choices run from small to extra-large for a perfect fit.
  • You won’t lose sleep over the price of our pajama pants. Stock up and save even more with the 3-pack.
  • Take your lounging to new heights with a cozy pair of pajama pants. They’re a staple of any man’s wardrobe.


Our Pajama Pants are great for:


Weight Lifting Pajama Pants
Weight Lifting
Yoga Pajama Pants for Meditation
Yoga / Meditation
Conditioning Pajama Pants
Running Pajama Pants
Cycling Pajama Pants
Pajama Hiking Pants
Pajama Walking Pants
Pajama Ice Skating Pants
Ice Skating
Pajama Skiing Pants
Pajama Snowboarding Pants


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