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Cotton Spandex Leggings for Women

Cotton Spandex Leggings for Women

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Women’s Cotton Spandex Leggings

  • A modern classic, every woman needs cotton Spandex leggings in her wardrobe.
  • Versatile and comfy, leggings are ideal for a wide range of activities from working out to running errands to catching a quick nap.
  • Leggings are great because they fit snugly, but don’t squeeze or confine you like a lot of other pants do.
  • The elastic waist won’t roll or dig into your skin.
  • While some types of pants feel rough and stiff (we’ve got our eye on you, jeans), cotton Spandex leggings are soft and cozy against your skin.
  • Women love cotton Spandex leggings because they’re simple. No buttons or zippers to deal with, and the knit fabric is forgiving on days when your other pants aren’t.
  • Cotten Spandex leggings are also popular because they go with everything in your casual wardrobe from t-shirts to dresses to t-shirt dresses!
  • Finding trousers that fit can be a nightmare, which is another reason leggings are so popular. They fit like a second skin.
  • Wearing the right clothes can inspire you to be more active. Leggings allow for freedom of movement for your busy, on-the-go lifestyle.
  • The 92/8 cotton/Spandex fabric breathes and stretches, perfect for all different types of exercise like yoga, running, Zumba, and lifting weights.
  • Our substantial cotton Spandex leggings will not let you down when you squat or do a downward-facing dog. No worries about your undies or hiney winding up on display.
  • Leggings are also perfect for the at-home workouts of chores and dealing with kids and pets.
  • Leggings are the workhorse of your wardrobe. No worries about ruining your expensive dry-clean-only trousers. Just toss your cotton Spandex leggings in the wash whenever they need it.
  • Cotton Spandex leggings save you time. You just pull them on and get on with your busy day.
  • They also save brain space. Because they’re so comfortable, you won’t spend all day hitching them up or being annoyed with the way they’re digging into your waist.
  • Cotton Spandex leggings are a must-have for pregnancy and postpartum. They stretch and fit no matter your shape or size, and they also won’t irritate your C-section scar.
  • Leggings wear like a dream for sleeping.
  • The classic color choices of black, dark grey, light grey, navy, burgundy and white coordinate with everything in your closet.
  • Size options range from small to extra-large for a perfect fit.
  • Available singly or in an economy-priced 3-pack so your bottom half will always be covered and comfy.
  • For fit or fashion, nothing beats the flexibility of cotton Spandex leggings.


Our Cotton Spandex Leggings are Great to use for:


Weight Lifting Leggings
Weight Lifting
Yoga Leggings for Meditation
Yoga / Meditation
Cotton Spandex Leggings for Conditioning
Cotton Spandex Leggings for Running
Cycling Leggings
Hiking Spandex Leggings
Cotton Spandex Leggings for Walking
Ice Skating Spandex Leggings
Ice Skating
Skiing Spandex Leggings
Snowboarding Cotton Leggings



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