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12 Pack Cotton Bandanas

12 Pack Cotton Bandanas

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Cotton Bandanas for Sale by the Dozen

  • When it comes to versatile accessories, cotton bandanas top the list.
  • As simple as they are, cotton bandanas can be used in so many different ways: as a scarf, a hair wrap, a face mask, as part of your first aid kit, and just to add style to your look. The possibilities are really endless.
  • Cotton bandanas make fashionable and practical headbands that absorb sweat and prevent it from stinging your eyes.
  • Use a bandana to line your bike helmet and keep stink at bay.
  • Messy hair? You don’t care when you tie it up in a stylish bandana.
  • Wear a bandana on your wrist or ankle to show off your individual spirit.
  • A bandana looped through your belt or hanging from your pocket add panache to any ensemble.
  • A bandana or two can be worn as a belt.
  • Iron and fold a bandana and turn it into a fun-casual pocket square.
  • Cotton bandanas make excellent flags for flag football.
  • Wrap your hand with a bandana before swinging an ax or hammer to protect your skin.
  • If you need some extra cushion on your knees, use a couple of cotton bandanas.
  • A bandana makes a great anywhere seat cover.
  • For instant relief in hot weather, dip your cotton bandana in water before tying it around your neck or head.
  • Cotton bandanas make eco-friendly napkins, tissues, and cleaning cloths. They’re durable and machine washable, perfect for everyday use.
  • Cotton bandanas are a must-have for camping and hunting trips. Use them to keep bugs off of your food, as pot holders, berry-carriers, water filters, to mark a trail, to wrap a wound, or to flag down help.
  • Because cotton bandanas are so useful, it’s a smart idea to carry one with you at all times.
  • Bandanas aren’t just unisex and ageless, they’re also inter-species. Your fur baby loves to wear a bandana as much as anyone else.
  • Use a bandana to mark your luggage. Or just tie one on your handbag to add a hit of color.
  • Bandanas offer endless possibilities: use them to make crafts like pillows, bags, wreaths, and clothes, or as reusable, eco-friendly gift wrap.
  • Cotton bandanas are great for identifying sports teams, scout troupes or travel
  • Our cotton bandanas come in a wide range of color options and patterns so you can find exactly the right one for you or your team.
  • Choose from the standard 22-inch or extra-large 27-inch square.
  • Our value-priced 12-pack means you’ll always have a spare on hand.
  • Cotton bandanas are the kind of thing you can always use in a new way every day for casual wear, work, or play.
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